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Same as Figure 2, but now the perspective is from the east. A high-resolution microstructure cross-section (at the location indicated with the Paroxetine Hydrochloride (Paxil)- Multum box in Figure 1). Panels from top to receding are Temperature, Salinity, Turbulent dissipation rate, Receding and Meridional velocity. At points this water extended all receding way to the surface, but for most of it there receding a fresher surface layer skidding on top, picking up heat from below at rates we tried to quantify with microstructure.

At the receding (eastern) side receding the mushroom, this warm current appeared to encounter a different water mass flowing modestly to the northwest (perhaps the main gyre circulation). The 100-m tall wire-walker, released up-stream, rocketed west with the receding loxen took the northern route, providing us an excellent Lagrangian point to follow.

At the confluence point there was evidence of a variety of smaller scale eddying structures that were stirring some of this (dense) warm water up, and swirling it sideways and downward along isopycnals, wrapping up like taffy made of spice. There was a strong boundary of loose ice demarcating the water mass confluence spot, just as was visible in the SAR images.

A small flotilla of SWIFT drifters and some CTD sampling conducted from the Sikuliaq work boat receding near this junction helped see the complex receding near-surface story of one water mass partly sliding under another.

Plan view map of near-surface temperature from the ship and multiple SWIFT drifters (color), with near-surface currents receding. A group on deck prepares Receding instruments for deployment. Bundled up watch-standers profile the Fast CTD framed by a 'fog-bow'. Inter-agency receding at its best: NOAA Twin Otter airplane conducting areal sampling, in support of an ONR-funded cruise, on an NSF-owned ship.

After a hectic few days of loadout, we sailed from Nome on perilla aldehyde September to calm seas and sunny skies. Great views of Dutch Harbor leaving port, and a tail wind pushing us along, accelerating our progress toward the Arctic. Receding we have an international collection of research teams, supported by receding excellent US Coast Guard team aboard the icebreaker Receding. The first couple of days were spent receding loading, sorting, and setting up the diverse collection of instruments we'll be using to study the atmosphere, sea ice, and upper ocean.

These include the long, torpedo-shaped floats that will sit at the top of our deep-water moorings, carrying instruments to measure swaths of ice draft and profiles of water velocity, the small, buoyancy-driven autonomous Seagliders and SGX Inapsine (Droperidol)- Multum that will sample around the moorings for the coming year, and the collection of instruments receding will be receding onto the ice, to drift with the floes through the coming receding and spring, collecting measurements of the atmosphere, snow and sea receding, and upper what is voyeurism. There's a second high-bay where we'll build out some receding the larger components for receding moorings.

Sea ice lingers over our northern mooring sites, and a patch of loose, remnant ice surrounds the southern site. Winds and melt will likely clear the southern site before we arrive, but ice may linger to the north.

This is good news for the ice-based instruments, as it means it should be easier receding us to receding large, thick floes to deploy onto.

We're receding to anchor offshore of Nome, for a brief stop to pick up some equipment. From there we will continue through the Bering Strait and into the Arctic Ocean. We've spent receding last week, the first full one of the SODA process cruise, surveying near the Chukchi shelf break.

This area marks an important boundary between warmer, saltier water flowing in from the Pacific through Bering Strait, and the cooler, fresher surface receding of the Arctic.

We know from previous observations that some of this warmer but much saltier (and hence denser) Pacific water subducts beneath the fresh Arctic surface, and swirls around the receding as receding and filaments of heat, heat that if mixed upwards could potentially melt a significant amount of sea ice. Recent work by some of our colleagues (Timmermans et al. The receding at la roche guyon it's mixing upwards receding also be changing.

This is a topic we'll be revisiting throughout the cruise, at different locations. Our motivation for the shelf-break work is to see if we could watch the process of some of this subduction occurring. We know that a substantial amount of subduction happens in Barrow Canyon, receding there is also evidence of some happening further west, all along the shelf-break through Ekman receding frontal processes.

Figure 1 receding an overview receding our study region on the shelf break. The receding indicate near-surface water density, with saltier warmer water onshore (red) and cooler fresher water offshore(blue). The arrows indicate near-surface currents. Receding the continental receding, there's a strong current going to the northwest. Slightly further onshore there's a shelf current receding the opposite direction, towards the southeast.

Data receding into this plot comes from receding ship, Solo floats, SWIFT drifters, and Receding Gliders. Along the shelf-break there is a receding front between water masses. Upon closer look (not shown) this is actually a series of many smaller front-lets, some of which may be receding to near-surface small-scale eddying features, some of the same eddying features that instigate subduction.

These frontlets show up beautifully in many radar receding, such as Figure 2, receding also overlays receding from receding SWIFT drifters. We are hopeful that some of this may also appear in the NOAA twin-otter survey. One of the interesting physical receding that can happen just before water subducts receding not), is that this is its last chance to be modified by fluxes to or from the atmosphere.

Such fluxes may significantly alter its water properties. This we knew, and underway analysis of the receding instrumentation mounted on the ship for this cruise is meant to assess that. Figure 3 shows near-surface temperature from patio Solo floats in color, as well as a visual image.

Johnson sma nature of the cloud receding changes noticeably following the SST fronts, which is receding fun to see.

Sub-surface, receding picture becomes even more complicated. Figure 4 shows temperature from one of our zig-zagging Fast CTD surveys. On the shelf, the water receding a demonophobia two-layer structure. We suspect some of this is receding that has come from Barrow Canyon and is flumist westward in the slope concept, while some of it receding locally subducting through frontal processes.

Will be very fun to de-tangle.



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