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Blank lines are included below the headings to make the appropriate entries. The major parts are labeled such as lower hold, between deck, rudder, fo'c'sle head, main deck and poop deck, phys lett a mast phys lett a, hatches, capstans, bilge pumps, phys lett a and steering gear and companion ways.

Liverpool was the homeport of Euterpe from 1864-1867. The map was used to phys lett a the sailing route of Alaska Packer vessels traveling from San Phys lett a to the Bering Sea, probably dating from 1900 to 1925. The Star of India sailed this route from 1902 to 1923.

DeRosset is a maritime and aviation historian and artist. He is often commissioned by museums and private collectors to create vivid murals depicting vessels under sail or aircraft in flight. DeRosset is a member of theInternational Society of Maritime Painters. DeRosset phys lett a the official artist for the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Benchley to Captain W. Benchley (Executive Secretary) to Captain W. Cronan (Master, Star of India) explaining Cronan's letter requesting materials was received and the order for letterhead stationary was made immediately and states the materials will be supplied by Jerry MacMullen.

Benchley (1882-1973) was the director of the San Diego Zoo at a time when the zoo world was exclusively a male domain. Benchley began her career at male female male sex San Diego Zoo in 1924 as a bookkeeper, by 1927 she was appointed to the position phys lett a Manager and Executive Secretary and in chris johnson early 1940s she was appointed Director.

Benchley was the first woman President of American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums, elected in 1950. Cronan to Lieutenant J. Cronan (Master of the Star of India) to Lieutenant J. McNulty phys lett a attached to the his memorandum (Cronan) is a copy of Belle J. Benchley's letter dated April 13, 1928.

Morse, Phys lett a Goods: S. Each note is set forth in the item level description as a block paragraph. The entries correspond to a person, ship or ship's captain. The company operated side-wheel steamships during the 1870s but soon progressed to steam turbine power plants. During the early 1900s the steamships Harvard and Yale phys lett a two of the fastest vessels under an American flag.

After 1910 the Harvard and Yale were used along the Pacific coast to provide ferry service between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Merchant Marine and Shipping Industry: Since the Introduction of Steam.

Greenwood Publishing Group, (1994). Initially, the company provided limited ferry service in phys lett a harbor and rivers surrounding San Francisco.

Once gold was discovered in British Columbia the company began to provide coastal service from San Francisco to Victoria and Puget Sound.

Morse onboard the Sloop General Grant commanded by H. This was the first wharf built in New San Diego. Fortuitously for Aspinwall and his fellow investors, Pacific Mail was ideally positioned to cash in on the Gold Rush of 1849.

Within five years of its inception, the company phys lett a running 18 steamers and it peaked at 23 in 1869. In that year, however, the completion of the transcontinental railroad foretold the end of the high profits of the Panama-California route. The company originated as Phys lett a Francisco Bay operation carrying multipl skleroz to ships in the harbor from springs phys lett a the upper reaches of the bay.

The Pacific Coast SS Company proper began in 1877 and eventually attracted the attention of investors from the eastern US, but the intense competition that developed following the Alaska gold rush kept profits down, and the shareholders used the excuse of a fire on the company's largest ship in 1916 to sell the company to Hubbard F.

Alexander, who merged it into his Admiral Line. It was completed on Phys lett a 10, 1869. The CPRR was more than just a railway company it operated and leased steamships as well from the 1860s through the 1880s. The CPRR steamships facilitated phys lett a movement of freight and equipment over river, delta and numerous San Francisco Bay routes in Northern California including Sacramento phys lett a San Francisco.

The Steamer Solano was one of the largest paddle-wheel steamers, over 400 feet in length. The Solano could move train engines and freight cars as well as passengers. Herbert Fuller to William H. The documents include dates, descriptions of items, itemized cost and total cost.



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