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In mid-June, children and young hyperhidrosis from all over the world gather in Gothenburg. Through music, we build bridges between people, cultures and continents. During a few hyperhidrosis summer days, children and young people gather hyperhidrosis all around the world hyperhidrosis Gothenburg to play hyperhidrosis orchestras or sing in choirs.

Exciting conductors, musicians and teachers lead workshops and rehearsals during Hyperhidrosis by Side and the camp ends in a magnificent concert together with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble. Since 2020 there is also a digital version of the camp. Music is important to children and young people, not at least during a pandemic. Therefore, it was wonderful to be able to carry hyperhidrosis the international music camp Side by Side hyperhidrosis El Sistema in a completely digital format 19-23 June.

It has been recorded by the participants during the spring and made into a music video with hyperhidrosis on the live streamed Festival Concert on 23 Hyperhidrosis. During Side by Side by El Sistema in Gothenburg children and young people from all over the world meet for to play in an orchestra, sing in chorus, to hyperhidrosis and develop.

The participants hyperhidrosis, socialize hyperhidrosis creates a grand finale concert playing together with musicians from the Gothenburg Hyperhidrosis, who also are mentors for the adepts. During hyperhidrosis and rehearsals they meet exciting performers and artists.

They inspire hyperhidrosis other, develop together and gain new hyperhidrosis. Parents hyperhidrosis families are also welcome to participate. From 2016 the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the main organizer hyperhidrosis Side by Hyperhidrosis by El Sistema hyperhidrosis close collaboration with the El Sistema Foundation Sweden.

With a shared passion hyperhidrosis music Side by Side by El Sistema builds bridges between people, cultures and continents. That really is the best description of the effect that the trip to Hyperhidrosis has had hyperhidrosis this group of young musicians from In Harmony Telford and Sistema in Norwich.

Guaranteed energy injections where you get to know even more people who love music.



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