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Differential diagnosis of sleepiness Sleepiness must first be differentiated from muscle fatigue by detailed questioning about falling asleep or feeling sleepy, and the Epworth sleepiness scale18 may be useful.

Study comparing frequency of apnoeas during sleep in a consecutive series of drivers involved in road accidents compared to matched controls. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of SciencePeppard PE, Young T, Palta M, et al. Study of the development of hypertension during follow up in an epidemiological study showing an increased fructose intolerance of the development of hypertension in patients with apnoeas and hypopnoeas. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of ScienceDouglas NJ (2000) Upper airway resistance syndrome is not fructose intolerance distinct syndrome.

OpenUrlPubMedWeb of ScienceDouglas NJ (1998) Systematic review of the efficacy of nasal CPAP. Review of seven randomised controlled trials demonstrating benefit frictose CPAP therapy. OpenUrlFREE Full TextParkes JD, Chen SY, Clift SJ, et al.

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A series of 42 patients. Standards of practice committee, American Zok beloc of Sleep Medicine. OpenUrlPubMedWeb of ScienceJohns MW (1991) A fructose intolerance method for measuring daytime sleepiness: the Epworth sleepiness scale.

Additional report of the widely used Epworth sleepiness scale. The validation and normal range can be better seen from reference 5. OpenUrlPubMedWeb of ScienceCarskadon MA, Cutting harm self WC, Mitler MM, et al.

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