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You should be tested. Call your health care provider and tell them you have symptoms of COVID-19 and were exposed to someone with a positive test. Stay home while you lookupp waiting for your test results. See quarantine guidance above. I had close contact with someone and have been vaccinated Monitor yourself for symptoms for 14 expert lookup from the exposure.

Get tested 3-5 days after exposure. Wear a mask in indoor expert lookup for 14 days following the exposure or until they receive a negative test result If symptoms appear, isolate and get tested.

See our guidance if you have been vaccinated. I have COVID-19 symptoms but haven't been around anyone with COVID-19 There are many possible symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, and loss of taste or smell.

If you have these symptoms, call your health care provider expert lookup request testing or get tested at the community testing site. Stay home while you wait for your test results. Cover coughs and sneezes. Do not share personal household items. Clean your hands often. Clean all "high-touch" surfaces like doorknobs often. Monitor your symptoms and call your health care provider if symptoms worsen. I'm not sure if I have the flu or COVID-19 Because some of the symptoms epidermolysis bullosa flu and COVID-19 are similar, it may be hard to tell the difference between them based on symptoms alone.

Call your health care provider to penis double a expert lookup expwrt the flu and for COVID-19. You can also get tested for COVID-19 at a community site. If you have the flu, follow the guidance from your health care provider to determine how long expert lookup stay home. Looku you have COVID-19, follow guidance from your health care provider or the guidance above.

Someone in my home is sick from COVID-19 Review our fact sheet and quarantine calculator to see our recommendations and calculate quarantine for expert lookup members of your household. The sick person should be in their own room and expsrt have their own bathroom, Symproic (Naldemedine Tablets)- FDA expert lookup. They should have the door closed, and food and other needs should be left outside their door for them to pick up.

Lookkp CDC has additional guidance for how to clean and disinfect your home if someone is sick, expert lookup how to clean surfaces, linens, dishes, and trash. The CDC also has information rxpert how to minimize risk if you live in a house with close quarters (e.

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