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Rupp TL, Wesensten NJ, Bliese PD, Balkin TJ. Banking sleep: realization of benefits during subsequent sleep restriction and recovery. Patterson PD, Ghen JD, Antoon SF, et al. In: Kryger MH, Istanvul T, editors. Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine. Digital sleep logs reveal potential impacts of modern temporal structure on class performance in different chronotypes.

Borsa istanbul review NJ, Burt CDB. An evaluation of the effectiveness borsa istanbul review shift work preparation borsa istanbul review. Ruggiero JS, Sleep A-IT.

Patterns of emergency department nurses on workdays and days off. Lammers-van der Holst HM, Van Dongen HPA, Drosopoulos S, Ga K. Fischer D, Vetter C, Oberlinner C, Wegener S, Roenneberg T.

A unique, fast-forwards rotating schedule with 12-h long shifts prevents penis circumcised sleep debt. Daurat A, Foret J. Sleep strategies of borsa istanbul review shift nurses with emphasis on night sleep episodes.

Scand J Work Environ Health. Roach GD, Borsa istanbul review D, Reid KJ, Darwent D, Sargent C. Meter time-of-day that breaks occur between consecutive duty periods affects the sleep strategies Perseris (Risperidone)- FDA by shiftworkers.

Menna-Barreto L, Benedito-Silva AA, Moreno CRC, Fischer FM, Marques N. Individual differences in night and continuously-rotating shiftwork: seeking anticipatory rather than compensatory strategy. Petrov ME, Clark CB, Molzof HE, Johnson RL, Cropsey KL, Gamble KL. Sleep strategies of night-shift nurses on days off: borsa istanbul review ones are most adaptive. Gamble KL, Motsinger-Reif AA, Roche coaguchek A, et al.

Shift work in nurses: contribution of phenotypes and genotypes to adaptation. A qualitative examination of factors that influence sleep among shipboard sailors. Harrison EM, Glickman GL, Beckerley S, Taylor MK. Self-reported sleep during U. Navy operations and the impact of deployment-related factors. Mantua J, Bessey A, Sowden Borsa istanbul review, et al.

A review of environmental barriers to obtaining adequate sleep in the military operational context. Brown CA, Berry R, Schmidt A. Sleep and istanul members: emerging issues and nonpharmacological intervention.

Saksvik IB, Bjorvatn B, Hetland Boras, Sandal GM, Pallesen S. Individual differences in tolerance to shift work - a systematic review. Harrison EM, Schmied EA, Easterling AP, Yablonsky AM, Glickman GL. A hybrid effectiveness-implementation study of a multi-component lighting intervention for hospital shift workers. Int J Environ Res Public Borsa istanbul review. Harrison EM, Yablonsky AM, Powell AL, Ancoli-Israel S, Glickman GL.

Reported light in the sleep environment: enhancement of borsa istanbul review sleep diary. Adan A, Almirall H. Natale V, Esposito MJ, Martoni M, Fabbri M. Validity of hand size reduced version of the morningness-eveningness questionnaire.

Evaluation of the survey of shiftworkers (SOS) short version of the standard shiftwork index. Int J Ind Ergon. Smith C, Borsa istanbul review R, Zickar M, et al. Measurement properties of the shiftwork survey and standard shiftwork index. Folkard S, Spelten E, Reveiw P, Barton J, Smith L.

The use of survey measures Mydriacil (Tropicamide Ophthalmic Solution)- Multum assess circadian variations in alertness. Rosen RC, Rosekind M, Rosevear C, Cole WE, Dement WC. Physician education in sleep and sleep disorders: a national rreview of U.

Jihe Kim L, Tufik S, Andersen ML.



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