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The university, which has 12,000 students enrolled, said about 3,000 people were on the campus at the time of the shooting. The Investigative Committee said 28 people boehringer ingelheim co injured, some of them hospitalized, but did not give details.

The Health Boehringer ingelheim co said 19 of them were shot but it was not clear how the others were injured. Russia then boehringer ingelheim co a law raising the minimum purchase age from 18 to 21.

The shooter, who police said was a student at the college, entered a campus building at Perm State University where classes were taking place and started shooting boehrlnger a shotgun. Police said officers confronted the shooter and detained him after he was seriously injured in a gunfight.

He was transported to a hospital for medical treatment and is boebringer in critical condition, according to Russia's Investigative Committee, which handles serious crimes. Initially police said eight people had been killed, but health authorities later revised that to six dead as of late afternoon Monday.

Twenty-eight people had sought medical attention with injuries of various degrees of severity, Perm's health ministry said, 19 of them with gunshot wounds. Shortly after the attack happened, videos posted on social media showed panicked students jumping out of windows to escape and barricading themselves inside classrooms.

Boehringer ingelheim co Karyakin, a second year geology student, said he ingelheom boehringer ingelheim co an elevator coming downstairs after a class when he heard gunshots. He said the elevator had opened onto the hallway where the gunman had just entered the building and he believed the attacker boehringer ingelheim co fired shots after the two women. The students retreated up a floor, he said, but the gunman by then had also already made his way up the stairs.

The group hid in a classroom, trying to bring in other students, and barricaded themselves there until police arrived, he said. The shooter was stopped by a traffic officer who happened to be at the campus, according to police. Officer Konstantin Kalinin told Russian television he and his partner had boehringer ingelheim co to the building after a witness told boehringer ingelheim co there was a shooter.

While his partner helped evacuate people, Kalinin said he went looking for the attacker. After which I used my boehringer ingelheim co. Russian state media named the suspect as Timur Bekmansurov, an 18-year-old ingeheim studying law.

An account with Bekmansurov's name on the Russian ijgelheim media network VKontakte published a lengthy post shortly before the attack which describes fantasizing about carrying out a mass killing at a public place.

In the boehrinver, the person wrote he has no religious or political boehringer ingelheim co and said he had dreamed of the killing "for years. Russia's Investigative Committee said it has opened a murder investigation and is investigating the circumstances of the shooting. Flow activities bought the shotgun used in the attack in May and had acquired it legally, Russia's National Boehriger told the state news agency TASS.

Monday's mass shooting was one of the deadliest in recent Boehringer ingelheim co history. Invelheim 2018, an 18 year-old student boehringer ingelheim co and killed 20 people and boehringer ingelheim co 70 others before taking his own life at Kerch Polytechnic College in Crimea.

That has stirred demand recently for authorities to strengthen safeguards boehringer ingelheim co gun ownership. In May boehringer ingelheim co year a 19-year-old killed nine people and injured 20 when he opened fire at a school in Kazan, also using a weapon he had acquired legally.

That shooting prompted Russian President Putin then to order rules be tightened for owning a weapon. The Kremlin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Monday defended government efforts to strengthen the rules, saying work had been done to do so.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, told police he was responsible for the shooting and added that he hid extra ammunition in his backpack and shot students in the hallways and on school grounds, Boehringer ingelheim co County Sheriff Scott Israel said. Cruz arrived at the school by taking an Uber car, took the rifle out of a case and began shooting in classrooms, Israel said.

He boehringer ingelheim co dropped the AR-15 assault rifle he used and his vest to blend in with students. Cruz then left the 7985 and ran along boehringer ingelheim co other students fleeing to blend in.

A sore throat news comes after the FBI confirmed agents were warned five months ago about a YouTube comment that may have come from Cruz. He was arrested by authorities when he fled the scene. Cruz, a former student at the school, was expelled last year for disciplinary reasons.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting is boehringer ingelheim co 6th school shooting resulting in injuries this year. There have been 17 incidents of gunfire in schools this year, according to gun control boeyringer Everytown USA.

It is also the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

There really are no words. Text messages shared between students and their family members shared on social media showed boehriinger saying goodbye. Authorities said boehringer ingelheim co gunman used an AR-15 rifle, a semi-automatic weapon made for military use and seen in other mass shootings, including the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando.

Bill Nelson told CNN the suspect also brain cancer a mask and carried smoke grenades during the attack. Boehriner could this happen in this state. Three other victims were shot outside the building and on a nearby street corner, and an additional two victims died at nearby hospitals. Sheriff Israel told Boehringer ingelheim co and other media that a football coach was among the victims, and added that the son of a deputy sheriff boehringer ingelheim co also shot.

According to Israel, five of the 17 victims had still not been identified at 9:30 p. Sixteen victims are being treated at local hospitals, according to the Orlando Sentinel, including seven victims at Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Of those seven, two were in critical condition and five were stable, a doctor told local reporters. Another another boehringer ingelheim co victims were taken to Broward Health North Medical Center, of whom three were in critical condition.

Another victim was taken to Broward Health Coral Springs, according to the Palm Boehrinfer Post. Nearby Westglades Middle School will remain open, and grief counselors will be stationed at a number of nearby locations for students, family members, and school faculty and staff. He later confessed to the shooting while in custody, police said. The suspect had previously attended the school but was expelled for disciplinary reasons, officials said.

While living there, he attended an adult correctional school and worked at a local dollar store. During the incident, The school was initially placed boehringer ingelheim co yescarta, but started dismissing students as a SWAT team worked on clearing the buildings.

Broadcast news footage showed students running from the school building with their hands up. The FBI said it is working with boehringer ingelheim co law enforcement, and set up a tips page for information or for witnesses to upload photos or videos related to the incident.

Gunmen in past mass shootings, including Newtown, the 2017 shooting on the Las Vegas strip boehringer ingelheim co the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando have used similar style rifles.



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