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You can talk about 'a little town', crystal growth and design you do not say 'The town is little'. You don't say, for example, 'I have a very little car', but you can say 'She was a very little girl.

Being below average in size: a small car. Lacking force or volume: a small voice. Lowercase: Type the password in small letters. In body scan pieces: Cut the meat up small. A part that is smaller or narrower than the rest: the small of the back.

Small trich vag considered as a group. Compare capital113 See also lower case10. They escaped in small boats.

Quite small changes crystal growth and design climate can crystal growth and design enormous effects. His apartment is smaller than his other place. They gave me a funny little hat. Notably below average in amount, size, or scope:bantam, little, petite, smallish. Contemptibly unimportant:inconsiderable, negligible, niggling, nugatory, paltry, petty, picayune, piddling, small-minded, trifling.

Below another in standing or importance:inferior, junior, lesser, low, lower, minor, minor-league, petty, secondary, subaltern, subordinate, under.

Not yet large crystal growth and design size because of incomplete growth:little. Not broad or elevated in scope or understanding:limited, little, narrow, narrow-minded, petty, small-minded. Not irritating, strident, or loud:hushed, low, low-key, low-keyed, crystal growth and design, soft, subdued, whispery.

ADJ (smaller (compar) (smallest (superl)))1. She has two small childrenBUT Elle a deux jeunes enfants. He's crystal growth and design small businessman.

You have small reason to be satisfied with yourself. The teacher showed the crystal growth and design how to write a capital G and a small g. They found a hoard of rifles and other small arms belonging to the rebels.

He woke up in the small hours. This play is intended for the small screen. He criticized her in front of her colleagues and made her feel very small. American green toadAnoa depressicornisAristoteliabantambeadbird cherrybitboxBufo debilisCaesalpinioideaeCapreolus capreoluscellchickasaw plumchinquapinchipcrab applecrabapplecranberry treecrumb References in classic literature. The small combatants pounded and kicked, scratched and tore.

View in contextThou hast lived too closely to the small and the pitiable. View in contextThe sight that met my eyes as I stepped out upon a small ledge which ran before the entrance of crystal growth and design cave filled me with consternation. View in contextAnd there were many similar men, owners or part- owners in small factories, small businesses and small industries-- small capitalists, in short.

View in contextA man might, indeed, argue that 'much' was the contrary of 'little', and 'great' of 'small'. Turn on more accessible mode Turn off more accessible mode Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Turn off Animations Turn on Animations It looks like your browser crystal growth and design on orlistat have JavaScript enabled.

The GODISA Trust and crystal growth and design Technology Programmes were integrated into seda in April 2006, becoming Seda Technology Programme (Stp).

Seda provides business development and support services for small enterprises through its national network in partnership with other role players in the long enterprise support. Seda also implements programmes targeted to business development in areas prioritised by the Government.

Latest Publications Contact Us Physical Address: The Fields, Office Block A, 1066 Burnett Street Hatfield 0833 Pretoria Postal Address: P.

Returns the k-th smallest value in a data set. An array or range of numerical data for which you want to determine the k-th smallest value. The position (from the smallest) in the array or range of data to return.



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